Poetry in Motion
a couple of transport blogs that are much more than logs in the fog...

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing about the business and technology and methodologies of transportation. There  are a couple of blogs I regularly follow that report on matters relating to ships and aircraft. The bloggers bring a lot to the table in terms of knowledge and lore, reverence and irony, incredibly good writing and pathos.

Here, GCaptain's John Konrad discusses the most dangerous hour of the day in shipping, and why. (Spoiler: It is around bedtime). GCaptain covers the maritime industry and has recently had some great coverage of piracy and the issues it raises.

Guilty pleasure #225: My favorite channel on the in-flight music on United is the aircraft radio chatter...to me, there is a lot of fun in listening to the controllers and pilots, especially at a busy airport like ORD. What I do is sit back and close my eyes and envision the planes as they react in concert, yet individually, to the directives of the ATCs. Captain Dave lives the life on the line and does a poetic job of relating his workday in Flight Level 390. He also manages to include commentary on the state of American business management, his favorite cities and much much more.

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