OK folks... Here's your new "The Office"
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 
IS THE BEST new workplace comedy
Making its debut on IFC (Independent Film Channel) last night and available in full episode format on the internets (takes a few click throughs, then you are there), :The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" is the best new workplace comedy I've come across since Office and 30Rock. It shows on IFC (Independent Film Channel) which is probably channel 1038 on most cable systems. It stars US actor David Cross (who also writes and directs the show) as the likable low energy bullshit artist Todd Margaret who stumbles into his new job as the British sales rep for the energy drink Thunder Muscle.
 Once in England, the hapless (and clueless) Margaret plows his way into and out of a raft of messy situations with all the diplomacy and aplomb of Mr. Magoo. Of course, low energy bullshit artists and energy drinks don't mix well together, but Cross puts together a character who is likable and hilarious, even when, jacked on sugar, caffeine and guarana, he is aggressively touting the sexual benefits of Thunder Muscle to a cafe full of elderly, appalled British women. 

My understanding is that the show only exists as a six episode season, initially airing in the UK but now moved onto the American satellite arena. Here's hoping that someone picks up this gem and brings more of this fable to light.... 


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