Here we go again....
New year promises more of same, new stuff too!


Is that a buzz word I hear?
Or, have I got a mosquito in my ear?

Linked In has posted the ten most overused words and phrases in their members' work life profiles... 
Yeah, so? I think maybe all ten fit me...

Dynamic, Motivated Team Player with Proven Track Record of Fast-Paced, Results-Oriented Problem Solving, seeks position to utilize his/her Extensive, Innovative and Entrepreneural Experience.

Can you spot them all?
Happy Holidays
A fine Christmas greeting story, well-told

From T-Minus: the race to the moon, by Jim Ottaviani, drawn by Zander and Kevin Cannon

T-Minus is a terrific graphic account of the race to the moon. They call it a work of historical fiction; it is largely set in the NASA of the 1960s, and seen through the eyes of the engineers. I especially enjoyed the depictions of the NASA procedures.


I believe that those are not French Fries
but rather Freedom Fries to which you are referring.


For the sophistic and law-savvy traveller
Awesome skivvies...

An outfit called Cargo Collective is selling metallic printed 4th amendment underwear. Protest the TSA scatter searches without opening your mouth. The perfect Christmas gift. Sadly, it looks like most of the styles and sizes are sold out already.


It was a party we'll never forget
..and guess who stopped by.

Everett Hiller takes pix of his annual holiday party and before he shares them with the attendees, he adds celebrities... "I must have been wasted; I don't even remember Obama being there."
The words just won't come
A true-to-life depiction of the dilemma

Writer's block 

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