Mama, mama, please don't make me go downtown
It's full of scary monsters that pull little children into the sewers.

ScoutingNY is a great blog by Nick Carr, who searches high and low throughout New York City to find great spots for filming motion pictures. It's one of the blogs I check regularly just for the architectural oddities he uncovers in his work. This past summer he went across country and filed marvelous travelogues of his journey.

This weekend New York held OHNY!, Open House New York, and Nick took the opportunity to explore the sculpture studio of Tom Otterness. While the studio tour looked interesting enough, I fell completely in love with the sculpture shown above (borrowed from Flickr user Nick Sherman) showing a monster coming out of a NYC sewer manhole cover to snatch away a toddler in his teeth. The work is installed at 14th Street and 8th Avenue, New York, NY

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