I have a problem with vegetables.
We have a problem with vegetables.

I have a problem with vegetables. I just plain don't like them. I don't like fruit either, but vegetables are even worse in my view... My fundamental issue is that I only like about four or five varieties of veggie, and some of those only in specific dishes, or preparations.
It is nice today to see in the NYTimes an article that I am not alone... that I am part of an American trend. The article details how, despite all the government's efforts to get us to eat our veggies, like our own stubborn youth, we will sit at the dinner table 'til bedtime rather than force down another forkful of spinach.
For my weight, the government suggests I eat nine servings (NINE SERVINGS!!??!!) or four and a half cups of vegetables a day. Four and a half cups is more than a quart, right? That is a huge pile of veggies to plow through each day. In all honesty, I dont think I am getting even one serving a lot of days, and never more than three.
I understand that every journey begins with a first step... but as vegetables go, I really don't see much of any way to incorporate them into my daily routine. I can throw some lettuce on a sandwich, or eat some baby carrots or order the yummy maple squash when I go out, but to do that on the order of nine, or even six or even four times a day is difficult to imagine.
But I guess the answer, for me at least, is to just frickin pay attention to what I eat, and if an opportunity for a veggie comes up, then at least consider it.
Here's a link to the article in the Times... it really is quite interesting.
Sorry for the Saturday morning rant...
not meaning to ruin anyone's appetite.

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