How I Spent My Summer - Part 1

This class, which I took in July 2010 was taught by a dynamic and challenging instructor, an artist from Chicago by the name of Sam Jaffe. Our first challenge was a fabric project, in which I made a wall hanging on the subject of Roller Coasters. Techniques included embroidery, machine sewing.

I started with a piece of fabric, a print of roller coasters, red on white. The neutral toned border was men's suit fabric swatches from the 1950s. I also had some fabric with black boxes on white background, like crossword puzzles which I filled with words describing the experience of a roller coaster. There was some red, white and blue ribbon which I used to trace the profile of a roller coaster upon.

The project was a success inasmuch as I was able to familiarize myself with various techniques of sewing, but I think fell short as it would have been much stronger if
  • larger
  • more demonstrative of the roller coaster experience
  • kill the border
Grade awarded: A
Grade deserved: B

1 comment:

CMC said...

definitely kill the border. more words. I like the way the boxes of the x-word mimic the rectangles on the rollercoaster frame.